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Is Porygon-Z banned from DPP? when was that and why is there no post about it? Im seeing this for DPP Cup and its on the VR but when validating it says its banned? Can someone clear that up?

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time to officially announce some bans like weeks late because im am fucking idiot

Suicune is banned from ADV 1v1. Too bulky, too many good match-ups, kills everything with CM, end

Porygon-Z is banned from DPP 1v1. Nothing can reliably stand up to Scarf P-Z aside from Ghosts who get fucked by Shadow Ball. Most everything gets ganked by Hyper Beam (please update the dpp vr and remove p-z fanyfan)

As for VR updates: probably coming sometime at some point (this is the part where you participate in vr discussion, discord's been decent but no responses here, c'mon we have a whole tour to go off of)

Edit: Latios and Latias are banned from DPP 1v1. They are too strong/bulky sorry guys
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