Tournament 1v1 Throwback Tournament [Swiss] - Round 2: SM


Banned deucer.
approved by DEG and Rosa
1v1 Throwback Tournament

Welcome to 1v1 TBT! This tournament will be featuring the 4 most recent Old Gens of 1v1 in a Swiss qualification into Top Cut playoffs format.

Tournament Rules:
  • Standard Smogon clauses & tournament rules apply. They can be found here.
  • The tournament will feature 4 Rounds of Swiss followed by Top 16 Cut. Meaning players need 3 wins to advance, and are eliminated at 2 losses.
  • Every Round will feature a different generation that players will have to play each other in
  • The format is Best of 5. First one to win 3 games wins.
  • Ghosting is forbidden in each round and any obvious or blatant cases will have hefty consequences.
  • Matches are to be played on the main server or Smogtours server of Pokemon Showdown. Matches played on any other server must be replayed.
  • Each round will last for 7 days, extentions will only be given when both players have made an active effort to schedule.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Replays are required, matches without replays will be coinflipped.
Order of played gens is as follows:
Week 1: SS
Week 2: SM
Week 3: BW
Week 4: ORAS
Top 16: BW
Top 8: SS
Semis: SM
Finals: ORAS
This order was randomized and broadcasted in the 1v1 room

Round 2

1-0 Bracket

torterraxx vs eu
Close vs mrextrazy
realaccountami? vs doc1203
bored_glitch vs Justdelemon
Go greeninja vs Jamez
Mubs vs Eeveekid10
DezShizzels vs DEG
NTG Cuz IDK vs SuperMemeBroz
cleffa hater vs TrainerPla
Arvinraj K III C vs LittEleven
Chris32156 vs gorilaa
STABLE vs Joker 1v1
bilb owo vs DenisTheMenace

0-1 Bracket

Tom1535 vs zioziotrip
DripLegend vs frogfacts
Tol vs Opchurtle100
Miyoko vs martinvtran
frostyicelad vs Nick
Mishlef vs swag god
Aqua Jet vs lemonstre1
HeyMan vs PA
Marshme1to vs SwordIsBored
MultiPokemon vs LeCehlou
Revenge Killer vs Mr.Bossaru
Itchy vs ncalathes

Deadline is Sunday January 22nd at 11:59 PM EST
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