Project 1v1 Secret Santa 2022

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The Heracross is built to live and beat Gholdengos, whilst I would like to make use of it's ability the chip makes it vulnerable and due to no Custap Berry I found Protect to be worthless. The special bulk also allows you to live Iron Bundle so you destroy teams using that mon due to it beating nothing and chancing your own at preview.

Heracross restricted teambuilding a lot but it notably beats Goodra, Corviknight, Gholdengo, Avalugg and Iron Bundle. Heracross assists Sylveon due to it beating many threats that it loses to. Donphan covers up the weakness to Iron Moth and Jumpluff notably. This team has a hard matchup versus Scizor but that is easy to ignore due to the lack of usage since the Mimikyu ban.

Edit: Hyper Voice Sylveon can be used to beat the unpopular Substitute Dragapult, Donphan Gunk Shot over Stone Edge can be used to deal with Sylveon and Annihilape kind of destroys. Depends on the set though.

Anyway. Have a nice Christmas and I hope you enjoy this team as well as this (kind of?) informational post!
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HELLO Opchurtle100 merry christmas
Gyra is bulked for chi-yu and band chomp. Gholdengo for speed booster flutter mane, and talon is bulked for specs flutter and has attack to kill shit.
This team loses to specs sylv but thats not common anyways. Stantler beats dondozo otherwise dont click it. Ape beats most sylv and special attacking ghosts. Vaporeon

Merry (early) Christmas:

To be quite honest, Maushold isn't exactly viable or strong right now, but i tried my best to actually build a little team around it that at least covers the top meta or common mons :skeledirge: :annihilape: :dondozo: :chi-yu: :sylveon: (that i mainly took from the poll , lmao):

:ceruledge: :maushold: :sylveon:

I have no idea about the current state of the meta as i have been absent from ladder for last week pretty much because i was physically unwell , but I tried anyways:

Ceruledge tries to establish some sort of type-synergy with maushold, naturally having a good shot at beating the steel / ghost types of the meta.
I've focused this set around beating Annihilape, based off of this calc:

[+1 252+ Atk Annihilape Rage Fist vs. 240 HP / 0 Def Ceruledge: 296-350 (84.3 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO]

This means that you can pretty much just continuosly click shadow claw and win.

You generally live Timid Flutter Mane's Shadow Ball and can try to outplay SpA Booster / Specs with Endure WP + Weak Armor tactics
Skeledirge also shouldnt really be a Problem since they cant burn you to go for hex and you can again just tech possible Specs sets with Endure WP, while yawn remains problematic (you could run taunt / sub over SD)
Gholdengo is the same type of setguessing dilemma were you can endure tech the choice sets but may struggle with non-choice sets, since you wont OHKO bulkier sets with Flare Blitz.

Maushold itself beats practically nothing apart from, perhaps fast specs Chi-Yu but it just gets bullied by about anything else

Sylveon takes out Dondozo and various dragons that delete Maushold and aren't really threatened by Ceruledge. Also this probably does not cover Donphan and Avalugg, sorry for that :/
gm bored_glitch, merry christmas
:magnezone: :espathra: :great tusk:
magnezone espathra works pretty well as a core, with zone taking care of fairies and bulky waters espathra doesn't appreciate while espathra beats fightings and some grounds for zone. To round out the core we have speed boost great tusk for meowscarada and chi-yu. With zone click thunder vs azu.
The team is a bit weak to skeledirge but espathra can outplay usually. Hf.

Here Comes Team Charm!

Perhaps the stars
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:meowscarada: :skeledirge: :dondozo:

Happy holidays CharaPresscott, here's your team!

Phantasmagoria (Meowscarada) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Protean
EVs: 188 Atk / 132 SpD / 188 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Flower Trick
- Knock Off
- Play Rough
- Giga Impact

Necroreactor (Skeledirge) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 60 HP / 96 Def / 144 SpA / 208 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Torch Song
- Will-O-Wisp
- Hex
- Slack Off

Unfathomable (Dondozo) @ Clear Amulet
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 200 HP / 56 Def / 252 SpD
Impish Nature
- Curse
- Heavy Slam
- Wave Crash
- Rest

I knew from the get-go that I wanted to build a FWG team that used Meowscarada's dark typing to beat dragapult. A scarf set was pretty easy to throw together: the special defense lets you beat any Gholdengo with Knock Off spam, even if they're bulky and survive your first hit. Play Rough is great against dragons like Haxorus and Roaring Moon, and Giga Impact can OHKO some frail Chi-Yu and Volcarona sets. I ended up clicking Meowscarada a lot during practice and found it to be a fun mon to use.

I like the wisp hex skeledirge set, and a fire/ghost complements a grass/dark perfectly, so I put that on next. I ended up making it quite fast to beat magnezone, which is a problem for the team otherwise (don't wisp it: just click hex into torch song). Balloon helps against lots of things (donphan, haxorus, great tusk) and gives a better shot versus bulldoze breloom. HP tanks a thunderbolt from magnezone, defense lets you live two banded rage fists from annihilape if you wisp it, and speed outpaces zone.

Finally there's a bit of a complicated dondozo set that fruan got me: Clear Amulet helps with Charm Flutter Mane and prevents stall from dropping your stats to stop you from setting up on them. The powerful water stab of Wave Crash helps out against various fires and grounds, and heavy slam gives a second option against fairies.

Annihilape is a slight problem for this team, but dondozo should beat most sets and skeledirge the others. Goodra 3-0s if meowscarada cannot KO it, but it is rare. Meowscarada does get KOs, but the meta will probably get bulkier as time goes on, and it might begin to miss out on kills later. Shadow ball sylveon sets can be a bit troublesome as well.

I hope you have a good time with it!
:chi-yu: :azumarill: :rotom-mow:
Happy Holidays Arvinraj K III C, I built a team for you!

murder fish (Chi-Yu) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Beads of Ruin
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Overheat
- Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse
- Psychic

fat bunny (Azumarill) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Huge Power
EVs: 252 HP / 208 Atk / 44 SpD / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Play Rough
- Liquidation
- Ice Spinner
- Aqua Jet

lawnmower (Rotom-Mow) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 154 SpA / 104 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Leaf Storm
- Discharge
- Will-O-Wisp
- Nasty Plot
Chi-yu nukes stuff with or without any damage boosting, so I just went with a basic scarf set. The Azumarill is bulked to beat Iron Bundle (non-offense boosting at least), and the rest is just hp and attack, while still speed creeping Iron Hands/base 50's. Azu feels really good to click into a lot of the good stuff rn, as with av it beats Flutter Mane, Chi-yu, Annihilape, and Skeledirge (sorta). The Rotom Mow is to cover things like Dondozo and Iron Hands (if you actually hit wisp lol), and damn sometimes it hits really hard.

Hope you enjoy the team!
merry christmas doc1203
(this turned out to be less of a breloom team and more of a camerupt team)

(yet another epic ms paint graphic)
i started out looking at breloom + chi yu as that was in my builder already, but just couldnt find a third.
swapped chi yu out for iron valiant, then i fucked around finding a fire type as a third for a bit, eventually settled on camerupt.

the camerupt in question bulks a torch song > bburn from 252 modest skeledirge, and cb avalugg eq.
other evs are pretty self explanatory
this mon is goated dude i wish it was in ss so we could have a fire that beat zera
camerupt has heavy slam and clear amulet for fake tears from sylv and charm flutter, rock tomb and ep for skeledirge, and finally overheat for iron treads and ig other steels (balloon gholdengo)
happy holidays! Sanshokuinsumireko, sorry if it's a bit basic, not very good at teambuilding, but sudo felt good when I used it, have fun you chose a fun mon

Sudowoodo @ Liechi Berry
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Counter
- Sucker Punch
- Head Smash
- Earthquake

The rest of the team is pretty basic, berry is made to beat ballon gholdengo and I tried to make donbozo beat counters like ting lu and flutter mane loom, sorry if the explanation isnt strong

Dondozo @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Wave Crash
- Curse
- Earthquake
- Rest

Flutter Mane @ Booster Energy
Ability: Protosynthesis
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Calm Mind
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
LittEleven Merry Christmas!

I tried making stall scovillain, but it didnt worked very well, so i made an physicall attacker, because it has more coverage moves in its physical side and the special side is really limited. It can resist: +1 max spa flutter manes moonblast, max atk dondozos wave crash, and +1 max spa iron valiants moonblast. And it can win against them.

Sylv is for dealing with mons that scovillain dont has a chance, iron hands, great tusk, breloom and annihilape, i choose scarf because it can deal with breloom and its gunk shot(if you are quickler)

Iron Bundle to deal with flying and rock types.

252 Atk Dondozo Wave Crash vs. 0 HP / 144 Def Scovillain: 100-118 (71.4 - 84.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (100.00% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)

252+ Atk Choice Band Scovillain Seed Bomb vs. 0 HP / 252 Def Dondozo: 144-170 (64 - 75.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (100.00% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)
Flutter Mane -
252+ Atk Choice Band Scovillain Seed Bomb vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flutter Mane: 159-187 (122.3 - 143.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO (100.00% after accuracy)

+1 252+ SpA Flutter Mane Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 112 SpD Scovillain: 83-98 (59.2 - 70%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (100.00% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)
Iron Valiant -
252+ Atk Choice Band Scovillain Zen Headbutt vs. 0 HP / 20 Def Iron Valiant: 142-168 (95.3 - 112.7%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO (61.92% chance to OHKO after accuracy)

+1 252+ SpA Iron Valiant Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 112 SpD Scovillain: 76-90 (54.2 - 64.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (100.00% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)

Happy Holidays and sorry for the simple team
lemonstre1 (Mur)Merry Christmas!

Before this Secret Santa I actually took a bit of a dive into Slither Wing. Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that it was pretty bad. There are a lot of good fighting types running around like Great Tusks, Iron Hands, and Annihilape. At first, I tried a set with Booster Energy and Flare Blitz and Acrobatics, since the other fighting types didn't really have access to that coverage, but when I tried building with it, I wasn't able to do much. I eventually made my way to this set, which just tries to abuse its Bug Fighting typing to destroy the common Dark types (except Sableye but shh). Honestly, you could probably run a Choice Scarf Megahorn Iron Treads and get the same effect but Slither Wing's unique typing has some nice resistances. Low Sweep is for Electroweb Magnezone, though you can replace it with Earthquake to have a better Iron Hands matchup.

I added Ting-Lu as a second mon, which was fun because I never built with it before and it filled a lot of holes. This Choice Band set was made to specifically attempt to handle Fairy types. I specifically made it Choice Band to help deal with Stall Azumarill and Yawn Sylveon. The bulk is specifically for Choice Band Azumarill and Choice Specs Flutter Mane, and the Speed is to speed creep 0 Speed investment Azumarill. Stone Edge is useful for Ice types like Chien-Pao and Iron Bundle, because believe it or not but this thing can live those hits very well.

It took me a while to find the last Pokemon. For a while, I had Sableye, but I eventually decided on Espathra. The main idea behind this Espathra is to handle Fighting types and Dondozo. Unfortunately, it was spread somewhat far, so Annihilape is somewhat of a 50/50 (Lumina Crash on Bulk Up/Encore and Reflect on Rage Fist. Against Dondozo, you need to use Reflect on Turn 1 and then spam Lumina Crash. The bulk is for +1 Dondozo, and the speed is for Max Speed Dragapult.

Hope you enjoy the team. I know its a bit weak to certain mons like Annihilape, Dragapult, Babiri Sylveon, and Bulky Azumarill, but I think the team is still fairly solid.


Banned deucer.
Merry Christmas Leru and have a gronky new year. Also grats on ur classic win.
:sv/great_tusk: :sv/skeledirge: :sv/flutter_mane:

I got paired with you for secret santa and great tusk is a really solid mon in my opinion with good typing and stabs.
Speed booster energy helps outspeed a lot of threats and since you need 0 attack to be max speed the bulk helps vs mons like pult and iron bundle that you beat with cc or knock.

I chose skeledirge as my second mon to beat the other ice and grass types and also beat opposing flutter mane with the kasib berry and the spd bulk. The defense investment helps vs mons like haxorus and baxcalibur by tanking adaband eq since we are not balloon.

This team was losing to waters like dondozo and some grasses like breloom which already has a haxy mu vs skeledirge so i decided to pick up my own flutter mane to solve those issues. The defense investment helps vs random coverage and also ensures that dondozo heavy slam does not kill, thunder should also roll non spd variants.

Overall, this team is nice on paper and works pretty ok on practice but it has some 50/50s vs iron valiant (bu t1 into bu or headlongrush) among others.

I hope you enjoy!!!!

s/o bored_glitch fruan for helping
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crucify Merry Christmas!
:Iron Thorns: :Iron Bundle: :Great Tusk:
Iron Thorns's speed evs are for outspeeding baxcalibur after a dd, bulk is to live banded sacred sword from chien-pao, ice punch is only for Garchomp and Donphan, unfortunately air baloon doesn's let Iron Thorns beat other ground types such as Great Tusk or Ting-Lu .
Iron Bundle fits thematically and synergizes well with Iron Thorns. Great Tusk covers Gholdengo, Annihilape and Iron Hands.
The team is nice but struggles with opposing Iron Bundle and Iron Valiant.
Hope you enjoy and wish you happy holidays!


Banned deucer.
slaking will never be clicked ever but it beats gholden go i guess and also azu kind of(also beats cb meow but not sub seed)
bulky water + skeledirge is solved
amulet + max spdef should beat sylv, chi yu, dirge,imoth, and all the stupid ground types
wisp unaware dirge beats dondozo kek + ihands + ting lu and does fire type things
max defense for maximum don bozo matchup
Alrighty my suffering has come to an end

nolenot here is your Vaporeon Team!


Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 212 HP / 116 Def / 44 SpA / 136 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Charm
- Fake Tears
- Hydro Pump
- Wish

Donphan @ Expert Belt
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Gunk Shot
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard

Talonflame @ Choice Band
Ability: Gale Wings
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 132 SpD / 120 Spe
Lonely Nature
- Brave Bird
- Flare Blitz
- Overheat
- Air Slash

I tested the team a good 50 games in the 1400-1500 range and to be honest its pretty average but really easy to play and click which is nice for some brainless gameplay. I tried really hard to to make it so you wouldn't get 3-0d by any common things (or not so common) so you can at least have a chance at winning every game.

One of the good things about this team is that its easy to just tweak slightly for different ladder matchups. The Donphan can easily be Choice Band but I had Expert Belt on to deal with Magneton. The Talonflame EVs are to make sure that you beat Gholdengo and the last two moves can be whatever you want. You are mostly just clicking Brave Bird to beat Speed Trappers + Disable users.

Sorry that there are no new mons on it but its still not bad and I hope you can can get some nice games out of it or at least just take the Vaporeon set (which is EV'd for Dondozo) and use it better than I could hah Happy Holidays!

Also thank you to Elf Helper fruan for some help with the Vaporeon Evs
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Merry Christmas TrainerPla, I was your secret santa! As you've requested, I made a team around Hariyama!



Building Process: Obviously I started with Hariyama, the set I made bulks modest specs 252 make it rain from gholdengo and can kill back with a guts boosted headlong rush. However, it's important to beware of gholdnego tricking t1 on your tect which is why I added ting lu as another gholdengo answer. The speed investment outpaces some faster iron hands variants and fast ting lu. Speaking of Ting Lu, Ting Lu provides the very valuable ability of beating almost all the fires for the team. I decided to go an extremely Spdef Ting Lu with weakness policy to beat non-specs sylveon and wisp chi yu. Fast taunt beats many skeledirge variants and might be clutch against stall azu. To round out the team, I needed to beat some water types + fighting which . Willow-wisp + Encore + Disable gengar does fairly well.

Building this team was quite difficult because I have no idea what the best Yama set was. I decided on this guts flame orb set because I didn't want yama to simply be a worse iron hands. I had 4 previous variations of the team, one of which included fake tears shadow ball power gem meowscarda, before I landed on the team you see above as the final. However, there's still a pretty clear 3-0 so I wouldn't recommend bringing this to a tournament.
Enjoy the team!
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