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  1. Cresselia92

    Announcement np: SV OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Oops!...I Did It Again

    So, I’ve been mostly a spectator and watching the thread and metagame develop — mostly because I don’t have the spoons to get back on track with competitive battling — but I felt the need to chime in about something. I largely disagree with voting Full Ban, in that case. If all, I’d say that...
  2. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    To be fair, almost no dog Pokémon learns Growl. Houndour, Lillipup and Rockruff can get the combination Leer and Howl, while Yamper has Tail Whip and can get Howl as an egg move. Furfrou is the only exception to the rule. Also, in Japanese Growl is known as Cry. So, this is just another case of...
  3. Cresselia92

    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 2 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Ta-dah! Here's my design, which is heavily inspired by a ballet ballerina. The bow behind the head will "evolve" to become another kind of ribbons with evolution. Also, it has a glittery body that resembled stars at night, which is a nod to its magical theme. The tail is both a...
  4. Cresselia92

    CAP27 - Art Poll 2

    Cresselia92 Pipotchi Gravity Monkey Quanyails Roland le preaux Magistrum Yilx Falchion
  5. Cresselia92

    CAP27 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Alternative Pose Supporting Art with Character Sheet (warning, big picture) Color Variants (big picture) Random Sketches More info about the concept here, but for a TLTR checklist: - Regenerator: Quetzalcoatl is known as the "god of rebirth/resurrection" in some myths...
  6. Cresselia92

    CAP27 - Art Submissions

    WIP Supporting Art (warning, big picture) Here it is, jumping from Discord to the forums: "Quetzy", the "morning sun dinosaur". The Concept This Pokémon takes inspiration from multiple sources, namely the Quetzalcoatl (the "feathered snake") for the general lore, the real-life resplendent...
  7. Cresselia92

    On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    Honestly, I feel like at this point we should just have a suspect test where Dugtrio is banned and see how good Diglett and Trapinch truly are in the current metagame (no, I feel like comparing their power from earlier metagames is not enough proof, because… well, metagames are different!). The...
  8. Cresselia92

    On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    Actually, they didn’t say such thing. They have gathered both arguments about banning Darmanitan as a whole or just the ability, and will decide what action to take in due time. …Which I hope it will be soon enough. The thread has made it abundantly clear that Darmanitan is a force to be...
  9. Cresselia92

    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    Someone has been asking for Dynamax ideas? Well, I may have just something for you. Say hello to... KAIJUS & COHORTS Metagame premise: This is essentially a reprise of Gods and Followers, but with a little twist: the first slot will be dedicated to a Dynamax/Gigantamax Pokémon of your choice...
  10. Cresselia92

    On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    Again with this whole Blaze Blaziken thing? It's not the same deal because banning Speed Boost as an ability would have had collateral damage on lower tiers, as Yanma, Yanmega and Ninjask would have gotten a nerf for no good reason other than “Save Blaziken”. They weren’t problematic with Speed...
  11. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Indeedee

    Hello, welcome to Smogon! This subforum is dedicated to OverUsed Singles, and your question would better be suited for the SQSA thread in Doubles OU, found here: I wish you a...
  12. Cresselia92

    Non ancora. Ho beccato l’influenza in questi ultimi giorni e non avevo neanche le forze per...

    Non ancora. Ho beccato l’influenza in questi ultimi giorni e non avevo neanche le forze per stare online dieci minuti alla volta, figuriamoci colorare! Comunque, oggi sto già molto meglio. Se riesco, domani provo a finire almeno un paio di pezzi.
  13. Cresselia92

    Sticky Forum rules and directory / SQSA

    I think what Lovely11 meant is if we are going to add mini-sprites from older Pokémon in the style of SWSH. Which… is something I’d really would like to see, actually. Could be a fun project.
  14. Cresselia92

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    Actually, there is another potential check to Moody Glalie: Sacred Sword Aegislash. As Sacred Sword ignores Defense’s boosts (and nerfs, too, but in that case you could use Iron Head for more damage with STAB), it doesn’t matter if Glalie is at 6+, Aegislash will always cleanly inflict around...
  15. Cresselia92

    Resource Other Metagames Index - Ask Questions Here!

    If Dynamax is banned in Galar OU, could there be an OM where Dynamax is allowed as a “replacement”?
  16. Cresselia92

     The Workshop

    Funbot28 Here's proof for my Natural Dexterity!
  17. Cresselia92

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Any suggestion for a spread for Lapras? I’d like to use its GMax as a backup AV setter before its inevitable farewell.
  18. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Obstagoon

    Egg move. If you get a “yellow aura” Zigzagoon with that move, you can teach the move to Obstagoon by placing them in the Day Care.
  19. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Orbeetle

    Then use of the other five members of the team to handle those Pokémon? One: Baton Pass is banned. Two: Calm Mind + Stored Power is an actual thing. Besides, you shouldn't start boosting against a clearly offensive Pokémon. That's just unnecessarily risky. If you manage to bring Orbeetle into...