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  1. UberSkitty

    Project SV PU Personal Viability Rankings

    New Personal VR Template! (completely new, not just an update of the old one) Create a SV PU Personal VR Maker Tier List - TierMaker
  2. UberSkitty

    Gen 7 Silvally-Ghost (WIP)

    [OVERVIEW] Good on webs as spinblocker+sweeper that benefits from webs solid stats all around makes it faster than jelli/golurk and naturally bulkier than haunter Other ghosts are spooky competition like oricorio-sensu Has surprise factor but cant run other Silvally forms No item watch out for...
  3. UberSkitty

    Resource PU Old Gens Reservation Index + QC Teams

    Taking Silvally-Ghost. Writing a long analysis is gonna be some good nostalgia.
  4. UberSkitty

    Favourite types of Corn

    I for one love eating my Lego corn people.
  5. UberSkitty

    Anyone remember Pokémon shuffle?

    id say Muk but it p much is vomit so next best option
  6. UberSkitty

    FOR THE GUYS Right Twix vs. Left Twix

    They fed you 329 Twix bars? I think there's a different experiment going on here...
  7. UberSkitty

    Hotties Chat In This Thread

    my dad gave me a very inspirational speech before my first day of kindergarten yesterday!
  8. UberSkitty

    Resource SV PU Viability Rankings

    ok time for some quick UberSkitty nfe noms, gonna avoid repetition aka leave out the most relevant mons New mons: :piloswine: -> A Great role compression, notably voltblocking, SR, and priority. Both a defensive and offensive threat with its near-unrested STAB combo and with Thick Fat has that...
  9. UberSkitty

    (announcement) in my evil arc

    Why are villains so sensitive about getting their picture taken? They don't want the photographer to get their bad side.
  10. UberSkitty

    Anyone remember Pokémon shuffle?

    I played it a lot after it first came out, but eventually it got too hard and I stopped. Rumble World was better anyway.
  11. UberSkitty

    smogoff roll call

    how I respond to this will be based on whether ur a substitute teacher
  12. UberSkitty

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

    idk if I should be happy or mad to hear this... On one hand, I now know what was going on with my 7th Ogre Clan battle, but on the other hand, it doesn't stop me from wanting to flip my table in anger... ig all I can do now is hope this gets fixed. And fix the tables I flipped.
  13. UberSkitty

    ok, I would really like to understand this and to why,

    With my experience in PUPL, it's the universally good tour players and active/past members in the tier's community that get chosen. Lesser-known users who just sign up randomly don't generally get bought. Yours truly, someone who was bought last minute once a few years ago.
  14. UberSkitty

    silly songs with larry

  15. UberSkitty

    can i get a concrete answer?

    imagine watching animal planet instead of henry's amazing animals
  16. UberSkitty

    The Great BP Rebrand

    combine them, with a vaporeon camouflaging in the alcoholic beverage. aka stick a vaporeon face on a cup of beer
  17. UberSkitty

    Smogon Friendships

    UberSkitty is my best friend. I hope I can meet them one day IRL.