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  1. how to CAP

    so *bottom of whatever is in* server.patch = addMoveSet.patch server.patch = addSpecies.patch ? or sumthin like # b4 them?
  2. how to CAP

    so # Patch file to apply against the metagame. server.patch = *what it says in patch*
  3. platinum stuff for servers

    Ok this has been bugging me and my friends for awhile. we have our own server, but we cant find out what thecode is for the patch, or how to make the patch and what to do with it. put it over
  4. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (CAP Edition)

    how do you add pokemon to a server, me and my friend want to make a server with our own pokemon
  5. how to CAP

    where can i make the patch file let me rephrase the question: I would like to put in my own pokemon, not the cap pokemon
  6. Starting a server is dificult for noobs...

    makes more sense, thx Ok my new question, how do you put pictures in the server welcome message? and when you do portforward, what prgram do i select?
  7. how to CAP

    in a private server, how do you edit the pokemon?
  8. Starting a server is dificult for noobs...

    it says that for me when i try to get on my server, im thinking i have the wrong port. what i need help with i found out is host and port, the host is my IP, start run cmd ipconfig right? then how do i find the port? i workin port to use for my server? its pretty hard.
  9. Starting a server is dificult for noobs...

    howabout a video of someone doing it then?
  10. CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 10a - Name Discussion

    how about Thundagra? seems like a good name for a storm dragon, storm meaning lightning.
  11. Starting a server is dificult for noobs...

    I have recently tried to make a server, but some of the instructions are confusing, Does anyone know where I might find a video, Or atleast a better explanation with pitures that is not The guide for noobs by AA whenever i try to see that, it tells me theres an error and cannot show it. thank you!
  12. Making a server?

    i need help making a server to, and that AA guide wont let me see it, theres an error on it
  13. Apprentice Program - Round Thirty Nine

    tutoring program first of all, Good luck Everyone! oh and when is the next round? because i really want a tutor... ive been in a slump and havn't won a match in my last 30 matches..