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  1. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    Best post my eyes ever seen. Do not make april fools 'bout it tho plz
  2. JustAMan

    Haxmons (Playable on Aqua)

    let's make an RBY version yay! Liepard can run PRANKSTER COPYCAT / DARK PULSE.
  3. JustAMan


    It seems like a cool meta, maybe stuff like Ludicolo might be good. with good stats stats not being an issue at all, it might run Rain Dance / Hydro Miss | Surf / Giga Drain / Ice Beam, abusing great coverage ( grass / water / ice ) and great speed. Also, Sticky Web might be a cool strategy...
  4. JustAMan

    Metagame LC OM Megathread!

    Great, I cannot wait to see LC Balanced Hackmons and STABmons! Also, you might want to add Tail Slap in normal-type moves ( u know, multi hit galore ) and Acro seems questionable when Dragon Ascent exists.
  5. JustAMan


    omg remember prankster gen V riolu? no plz
  6. JustAMan

    Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

    Wigglytuff's Guild takes on Anything Goes
  7. JustAMan

    Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

    I have seen a BH battle in which the only thing that was hacked was dragon breath machop
  8. JustAMan

    Genmons [Playable on rom!]

    Let's see, what does Togekiss get? Ohh, it gets Rock Polish... and chatter... and aura sphere... and air slash... and nasty plot... and discharge... FUCK ELECTRIC TYPE (Togekiss)@Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe Bold Nature - Air Slash - Discharge - Roost - Chatter...
  9. JustAMan

    Project LC Ladder Achievement Thread

    Proposing new achievements: Gotta go fast: Win a battle using only scarfed mons and / or priorities So ive herd you liek mudkipz: Sweep with Mudkip This is what they call VoltTurn: Win a battle only using Volt Switch and U-Turn Ghosts totally don't exist: Win a battle only using Normal or...
  10. JustAMan

    SPOOPY EDGE CUT should be enough.

    SPOOPY EDGE CUT should be enough.
  11. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    And takes +2 Tough Claws Gear Grind right in the face. Also, it is very difficult to ko with physical moves, and can take a neutral special one.
  12. JustAMan


    Scald: 100% burn chance, 150 BP. Tail Slap: 40 BP, hits Steel super-effectively, does not make contact. Leer: lowers Defenses by 12 stages, and is cancelled after 2 switches. Work Up: permanently raises attacks by 1 stage. Relic Song: +1 Priority, 50 % chance to sleep the enemy, hits off...
  13. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    lol, SPOOPY EDGE CUT is ridiculous. A ton of power, off 300+*1.3, boostable Attack, Ghost typing, and, on top of it, >+1 Priority. Yeah, also no real drawback.
  14. JustAMan

    Nonsense Theorymons

    Quiver Dance Bibarel with Boomburst and Origin Pulse. Prankster Suicune. Tail Glow, Levitate Lanturn. let's soak up the opposition!
  15. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    Hey, Pixilate smashes. Going on, Premonition is just awesome, and turned what was a ggwp into an opposite ggwp sort of thing.
  16. JustAMan

    Balanced Hackmons "Chatter" vote

    Basically, chatter will reduce the strategy component, by either forcing your team to run troublesome pokemon, or reducing the game to a coin toss, and it has many opportunities to be used for zero cost, and still be useful besides confusing stuff.
  17. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    Why in the world did you nerf qtrx? It was hilarious to see people die for unown. Also fat monkey has a totally ridiculous animation. And just give something decent to UselessTrainer plz. Edit: Also, ban scald.
  18. JustAMan

    Enter the Dragon Type - HA Amaura as Entry Prize [END]

    ... but No Guard ... Hell, it might be cool: Still, just make sure you don't overprepare for darky to get steamrolled by something else.
  19. JustAMan

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    Goddes Briyella is too cool, with Magic Bounce, Cotton Guard and friggen Quiver Dance and perfect Coverage. ( I see the swirlix reference tho ). Also lol, dat arceus fucking scared me ( and then died without doing anything ). And Plusle " was poisoned due to excessive trolling! ". This is the...