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    Gastrodon my Beloved

    Gastrodon my Beloved
  2. Majora's Kirbo

    Resource ORAS OU Teambuilding Competition - Revived! (21st Round on post #406 - Absorbing Abilities) I absolutely LOVE MGallade, in fact i made a team of him! Teambuiding: So i stared obviously with MGallade, a lot of people tell me that MMedicham is more strong than him and...yeah T-T... But do not underestimate him with a 165 attack couple with a great...
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    OU no longer just a stepping stone // ORAS OU Resource Thread

    i Stared ORAS not long ago, and this is banger, it help me understand the metagame much easier. seeing your teams is really inspiring, just wrote that to say you thank mate. Btw can i have the 2 team of absol, the paste do no work. thank!