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  1. Timeout Deleting Server Files

    I will, and thanks for helping me out. :) But what I really need to do is get it set up correctly lol. I think the easiest way to do that would be to remove everything and start fresh. Despite not being able to use the uninstall file I don't think that I even set up my server correctly: using...
  2. Timeout Deleting Server Files

    Well I go to CP > ADMIN TOOLS > SERVICES and scroll down to SHODDY BATTLE SERVER (status none) and select STOP. I believe that the program is stopped. Unless I'm mistaken? It's weird that it won't let me remove the server files. [Edit: I made a mistake when I created my server and it does not...
  3. Timeout Deleting Server Files Whenever I attempt to delete the server files I wind up with that window, and nothing happens. The files just won't get deleted, and I can't seem delete them manually. Any help?