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  1. Resource Scarlet and Violet UU Post-Home Viability Rankings

    Why is qauaquaval A+ wasnt it A pre-home? Also what the hell is with treads being A it should be A+/S-. Donphan is good yes but isnt A- don and A+/S- treads show the viability difference between them?
  2. Metagame National Dex Metagame Discussion

    wynaut curse over iron defense?Curse boosts attack too sure slower but it lets u break sub vs pult after few dds letting u save a few saltcure pp.
  3. Metagame BDSP RU (Cresselia + Gyarados Ban @ Post #112)

    But isnt victreebell better sun mon due to weather ball?
  4. Metagame BDSP RU (Cresselia + Gyarados Ban @ Post #112)

    I have a question here. Why should I run venusaur over something like vileplume or torterra? are not they better defensive mons?
  5. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion

    THIS set was used in gen 8 UU for same reason.
  6. OU ORAS OU Viability Rankings

    Why is venusaur so high? I mean didnt it actually fell off? It gets worn down so quick by hazards rely on synthesis etc.. AND its higher than amoongus. A mon with regen spore and has a million longevity and crucially doesnt take mega slot. Isnt venu a bad mega when metagross and lopunny and...
  7. Metagame np: Stage 3: Savage (Tauros Suspect Test, Lilligant ban post #30)

    There is masqurain too :|
  8. Project Metagame Workshop

    Diverse Game The rules are simple. This is a metagame in which a mon can use 6 moves. Sleep Talk works similarly calls the first three moves on ur moveset. My question to community is whether the name of the metagame capitalize on the way the game is played? This makes almost every mons...
  9. Resource SV PU Viability Rankings

    Whats the point of S- if all S Rank mons r gonna drop anyway? Either keep missy in S and drop skunk + gabite and h-qwil to S- or put all of them in A+ Oh also goose can chip storn down till its at +2 facade range. Though goose has nill longevity so it functions OK goose check.Though stone...
  10. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    Physical enamorus is actually not bad. Its attack stat is sure lower and that too by 20 points but it still useable 115 esp with play rough and contrary superpower. sure superpower initially doesnt break through stuff like pex or dozo but u do wall tusk which is quite nice. u can spam spower vs...
  11. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    gets defog and wisp... Struggles to damage ursa though..
  12. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    252+ SpA Choice Specs Tera Fairy Magearna Fleur Cannon vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Skeledirge: 202-238 (49.1 - 57.9%) -- 97.7% chance to 2HKO Unaware backfires...
  13. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    252+ Atk Choice Band Decidueye-Hisui Triple Arrows vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 153-180 (38.3 - 45.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery flinch and defense drop away from a ko
  14. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    unlike slither you set up qd and actually outspeed zam also id makes slither hit a lot less harder than +1 volc.
  15. Metagame Ubers Metagame and Set Discussion v2 - Pokemon Home Edition

    There is sash kleavor and samurott they do solid damage to mirai while setting hazards.
  16. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    Um idk about pao. Even magearna is not that sturdy. It is supposed to handle many mons and the extreme set that is good vs pao is max ph.def which is cleanely 3 hit kod by banded sacred sword or 4 hit kod by tera dark crunch. Also many mag are gonna be more offensive or sp.def AV sets which at...
  17. Metagame National Dex Metagame Discussion

    H-brav can run t-lens cm esperwing set which can be absolutely scary. Baby espathra. h-Decid is a really fine defogger mon too as it is a defogger that threatens gholdengo with triple arroes. Sash and pivot variants of kleavor are solid too oh and h-samurrot esp with AV is a really good...
  18. Resource National Dex RU Resources Thread Oricorio is at worst as good as venomoth atleast. It certainly deserves too.
  19. Resource National Dex RU Resources Thread

    You forgot to add oricorio in speed control section.
  20. Resource National Dex OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    I have a question on why we cant suspect arceus bug and hell even ice. They are both defensively mid because a. bad typing defensively b. Though they have great bulk sr really cuts into defensive potential. For instance though usually they can live tran magmastorm after sr they just die. c...