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  1. earl

    sometimes yeah

    sometimes yeah
  2. earl

    Pet Mod Beartic Phone

    i SAID handeyebert was quite ordinary… why is it not NORMAL type!!!!
  3. earl

    FOR THE GUYS todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [postgame]

    my plan was begging for mercy i was naked and afraid lol
  4. earl

    Post your searing hot takes

    everyone knows inhaling smoke is unhealthy lol they were talking about the weed part of smoking weed
  5. earl

    A tier list graveyard is no place for a young prince

    Madison is mid
  6. earl

    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution [Gen 9] | Slate 9 - Results | Hiatus | Not open for Submissions!

    on one hand, true, but on the other hand giving tornado knock back has singlehandedly made me want to build again (tour this weekend btw)
  7. earl

    Post your searing hot takes

    i enjoyed legends arceus more than scarlet because i didn’t have to sit thru the dumbass tera animations in legends
  8. earl

    is this brainfog?

    I had some fog last summer (before i ever caught covid), it eventually passed after 2 or so weeks
  9. earl

    Pet Mod Beartic Phone

  10. earl

    thank you RoFnA

    thank you RoFnA
  11. earl

    Post your searing hot takes

    both of you seem like very pleasant people
  12. earl

    im at the peak of ''burnout'' and could use any and all advice

    get into another, equally sweaty and bullshit game. grind yugioh or smth
  13. earl

    can i get an answer?

    isn’t concrete cement+gravel or am i stupid
  14. earl

    Lifestyle The Mental Wellness Thread

    if you cease to exist after death whats the point of worrying about it, its not like you can regret it happening to you once you're no longer. Had a phase of existential dread back when I was a young teenager, at this point I've figured out it's a complete waste of time to despair about...
  15. earl

    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2 (Now Playable!)

    Attack Jump Kick (lol name) is clearly the safe pick for buffing the mon, it shifts it towards a balance-breaker role and is strong enough in a vacuum that it should make the bug/grass type at least worth consideration. Tidy Edge is definitely cuter but I have extreme doubts about its actual...
  16. earl

    Post your searing hot takes

    I would always do it at 4 stars, I guess i’ve underrated the SP scrolls (basically all i’ve gotten) as i’ve been too lazy/waiting on higher bonds to buy skills. except speedtaker i’m spamming that shit
  17. earl

    Post your searing hot takes

    you’re supposed to use the well? i thought i just wasted a ton of effective gold dumping spare gear in there for minimal returns, I definitely thought i would’ve been better off just selling