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  1. VoolPool

    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    Move Name: Magnetic Flux Type: Electric BP: 0 PP: same Accuracy: - Secondary Effect: The User Makes the field magnetic, trapping any steel types that switches in for the next 5 turns for 2 turns. New Users: :plusle: :minun: :golem-alola: :stonjourner: (don’t ask me why) Viable Users: magnezone...
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    Tournament Multiverse Tournament [Won by r1dude]

    Dropping out sorry :( paullxxx can take the win
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    Pet Mod Metamorphosis V2 - Slate 2: Galvantula, Altaria and Roserade

    :ss/galvantula: Name: Galvantula-Predator Form 1/Base Form Type: Bug/Electric Form 2 Type: Bug/Dark Ability: Compound / Unnerve/ Swarm Form 1/Base Form Stats: 70/77/80/97/80/108 Form 2 Stats: 70/140/100/97/80/58 New Moves: Bulk Up, Rock Smash, Brick Break, Superpower Parazlying Strike | This...
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    Pet Mod Brokenmons Unchained Mk II

    1. g-Luke komm-o 2. My bidoof 3. Shadowpea mime.jr
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    in the studio

    DAMN! That art is so good I thought it was a picture at first!!
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    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    Move Name: Spark Type: Electric BP: 75 PP: 15 (24 Max) Accuracy: 100% Secondary Effect: 30% chance to burn the target. Damage is not halved if the user is burnt and instead deals 1.5x damage. Attributes: Sheer Force Boosted, Contact New Users: :Elekid: :thundurus: :pincurchin: :regieleki...
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    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    :mimikyu: :weezing-galar:
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    Post your freezing cold takes

    Being black in America makes u have 10x likelier chance to get a longer sentence for the same crime as a white person.
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    Pet Mod Generation X (Region 2 - Completed, Playtesting)

    Name: Panthluna (Panther+ Lunar) Category: Mammal Evolution: N/A Typing: Abilities: Illuminate / Stakeout Base Stats: 85 / 70 / 75 / 95 / 90 / 100 (515) Height: 1.1 m Weight: 75 kg Notable Moves: Moonblast, Dark Pulse, Moonlight, Crunch, Calm Mind, Pursuit, Play Rough, Hone Claws, Taunt...
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    [official] Smogoff Leave of Absence thread

    I'm on my i am pre posting this leave of absence just in case im gone before i can make a proper post
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    Pet Mod Ubermons - Concluded

    :ss/Arceus: Pokémon: Arceus Changes that were made: Ability, Stats, Movepool Types: (type changes with respective plate/z crystal) Abilities: As One (Multitype + Additional Ability based on typing) Adaptability Flower Veil Storm Drain Flame Body Surge Surfer Filter Stamina Sand Force...
  12. VoolPool

    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    :Vileplume: Seems pretty bad considering any team with heatran (which is a lot of teams) can easily abuse this mon to get free stall breaking and anyone who’s played against or used heatran knows how devastating giving it free turns is. It’s defensive typing isn’t even that good and I fail to...
  13. VoolPool

    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    Techno Blast: Cuddly, Z-nogyrop, D3adbydayl1ght Shadow Force: Cheesir, r1dude, Z-nogyrop Roar of Time: Z-nogyrop, cheesier, r1dude free Vote template Techno Blast: Shadow Force: Roar of Time:
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    Pet Mod Generation X (Region 2 - Completed, Playtesting)

    :ss/Zubat: + :ice-stone: + tail and enlarged = Name: Crybatite Typing: Abilities: Refrigerate / Ice Body / Contrary Base Stats: 70 / 85 / 80 / 105 / 75 / 100 (515) Height: 1.5 m Weight: 36 kg Notable Moves: Boomburst, Air Slash, Roost, Defog, U-Turn, Hurricane, Hyper Voice, Acrobatics...
  15. VoolPool

    Pet Mod Two Step 'Mons V.2 | Slate 7 | Step 1: (Moves and Abilities)

    Sig Item sub Name: Weighted Vest Fling Effect: 40 bp Effect: If the holder is [signature holder] The users’ attack and defense is multipled by 1.5x but the user tends to move last (like lagging tail). If this item is lost (trick,knock,fling etc), attack and defense by 1 stage. (Only if it’s...
  16. VoolPool

    Pet Mod Two Step 'Mons V.2 | Slate 7 | Step 1: (Moves and Abilities)

    Appropriation: :oricorio: :kecleon: :mew: Hibernation: :snoorwill::ursaring::slumbear: Jovial Drums: :Florges: :aterunduu: :huffletuff: Free vote template Appropriation: Hibernation: Jovial Drums:
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    Tournament Pet Mods Premier League [PLAYER SIGN-UPS]

    Same, just realized how many tests I’m having coming up
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    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    sheesh what a bad slate :Pelipper: This is bad because if u use this, what will be ur setter lmao. If this was pokebilities theorymon this would be amazing however. :druddigon: Really solid buff imo, as it now resists rock damage and it can now counter popular ice types like delibird and...