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  1. erz

    OU RBY OU Ladder Achievements (New Challenges Added!)

    hey, no new badges but finishing my grind as number 1 ggs to chuva, marcoasd, whoever umbra rby is and everyone nice i ended up chatting with on the ladder see you when cup comes around :rb/pikachu:
  2. erz

    OU RBY OU Ladder Achievements (New Challenges Added!)

    Hey again, Cerulean Soul and Mansion Rainbow :y/squirtle:
  3. erz

    Resource ORAS OU Teambuilding Competition - Revived! (17th Round Voting on post #349 - Volcanion)

    :xy/latias-mega: :xy/clefable: :xy/probopass: :xy/gastrodon: :xy/ferrothorn: :xy/tornadus-therian: Probopass @ Choice Band Ability: Magnet Pull EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Adamant Nature - Iron Head - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Fire Punch Everyone but Gastrodon paras for Probopass...
  4. erz

    Tournaments RBYWC I - Semifinals

    Gefährlicher Random Serpi RaiZen1704 Lusch LNumbers FriendOfMrGolem120 Risiko ist besser als Reue, los geht's Deutschland
  5. erz

    OU RBY OU Ladder Achievements (New Challenges Added!)

    Hey, Cerulean Rainbow and Mansion Thunder (for now) :rb/pikachu:
  6. erz

    OU ORAS OU Discussion Thread

    Posting a bit of discussion that includes part of my opinion from the ORAS Invitational Server (Also this thread should be named Volcarona Discussion, it's the one and only reason this thread exists after all) It'd be interesting to hear more opinions from all sorts of people how they...
  7. erz

    Finals Smogon Premier League XIV - Finals [Won by Team Raiders]

    the plot is inevitable: this is the seventh finals tiebreak in a row (last final w/o tb was SPL 7 in 2016) if sharks win the tiebreak they'll become the undisputed GOAT franchise at 4 wins (currently tied with Ruiners and Wolfpack at 3 wins each) if raiders win they'll be the 2nd ever franchise...
  8. erz

    Resource ORAS Tournament Replays

    :xy/lopunny-mega: ORAS Invitational I :xy/lopunny-mega: Grand Finals (Set 1 and 2): xray vs. MichaelderBeste2 (Set 1) G1 | G2 | G3 | G4 | G5 xray vs. MichaelderBeste2 (Set 2) G1 | G2 | G3 | G4 | G5 Losers Bracket Finals: pj vs. MichaelderBeste2 G1 | G2 | G3 | G4 | G5 Winners Bracket...
  9. erz

    Tournaments RBYWC I - Round One (tiebreakers at post #140)

    Serpi Gefährlicher Random RaiZen1704 Lusch Fogbound Lake Eulelp Schritt für Schritt zum Gruppensieg!
  10. erz

    ORAS ORAS OU Winter Seasonal #5 - Round 1 [Round deadline is Jan 29th]

    susciety sorry to take your time. act, wall screens below
  11. erz

    Official SV OU Suspect Process - Round 1 Voting

    Action Reveal Tera type at team preview Outright ban 1 Tera user per team (first team slot) Only STAB Tera types allowed
  12. erz

    Smogon Premier League XIV - Player Signups [Auction Jan 8, 2:00PM GMT-5]

    Player Name: erz Tiers Played: SV OU Tiers NOT Played: SS OU / SM OU / ORAS OU / BW OU / DPP OU / ADV OU / GSC OU / RBY OU Timezone: GMT+1
  13. erz

    Announcement SV OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Voter Identification Thread

    :jirachi: edit: confirmed!
  14. erz

    OU ORAS OU Viability Rankings

    Greetings ORAS Community and all interested lurkers seeing this Spl4sh and me created a new and comprehensive Viability Ranking List on Tiermaker for everyone to use! With ORASPL being over and, more importantly, ORAS Invitational being in it's final stages (top 3, join the server to not miss...
  15. erz

    Terastallization Tiering Discussion

    voicing my concerns in regards to acting at this point in time: to me personally it would feel unjustified if tera were to be limited or removed before we have actual proof that its a mechanic that limits the better player winning over the worse one. we're 10 days into a generation with...
  16. erz

    Tournaments ORAS OU Invitational - MAIN EVENT - Round 5 (Losers Only)

    won vs Empo ggs, sorry for powder miss game 1 g1 g2
  17. erz

    Tournaments ORAS Premier League II - Week 7

    won vs Amir gg
  18. erz

    Tournaments ORAS OU Invitational - MAIN EVENT - Round 2 (Winners and Losers)

    won vs Finchinator ggs g1 g2 g3 ty for being a really nice opponent