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  1. Fall Scramble! - Shaymin Flight Results

    Ps maxdeesevgc discord maxdeese#7155 wins bdogplatinuim (2-1) humble villager (2-0) peter panshrew (2-0) poogang (2-0) Brede (2-1) dnagerbdgaer (2-0) giokio (2-1) Evie (2-0) garchompthebest369 (2-0) Adriivgc (2-0) triistar (2-1) loses kotomi (0-2) MGX (1-2) broskills (1-2) zeefabble...
  2. thanks

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  4. [CLOSED]

    yes please thank you so much :) fc 0748 4399 5716 fc? sorry dumb question I meant which fc should I put in?
  5. [CLOSED]

    look im sorry I just really need this primape
  6. [CLOSED]

    so ?
  7. [CLOSED]

    timid lightling rod fake out encore the one I bred is non shiny pokeball I have one br just doesn't have perfect sp.def I have a male and female perfect 5iv pichu fake out encore lightling rod timid which I bred those pichu myself too
  8. [CLOSED]

    breeloom one of the raichus the virizion was my friends that he caught
  9. [CLOSED]

    okay then all of these are at least 5iv br adamant shiny pinsr ,calm and modest br shiny milotic, shiny br jolly gyrados , shiny modest male frillish, br raichu shiny and not with fake out and encore, br jolly ha breloom,br terrakion jolly, shiny br talonflame,br aegislash shiny and not egg...
  10. [CLOSED]

    I am very interested in the primape could you do 252 atk and spd I need it by tomorrow at the latest for regonals I can show you what I can offer when we trade because there is a lot fc is 0748 4399 5716