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  1. Puggcraff

    2022 Spring Scramble! Platinum Flight

    Discord:Pugg Joestar Simp de Irida#9737 ps: Simp_del_ded Wins (3) Humanberrito Latsu Lukitax Losses (5) Tyo chrome temporal mattiemoomoo Areku
  2. Puggcraff

    Smogon VGC Winter League - Player Signups

    Name: Puggcraff Metagames Played: S11, 10 and 9, and in vgc 2017, 18 and 19 I am willing to learn how to play them if necessary in a day Timezone: gmt -6 Potential Activity Issues: none at the time of this post, can update in the future (propably the internet and studies) Bio: Vgc enthusiast...