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  1. Limit Evolution

    Anything Goes Perfect Victory [NDAG peak at #1 with 1976 elo]

    Looks pretty solid, nearly unbeatable. Thoughts on using Dragonium Z on Miraidon so that you don’t risk that 10% miss against Primal Groudon?
  2. Limit Evolution

    AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament V - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum Name: Limit Evolution Cycle 1 Alt: AGLT5GC Regigigas Did you read this whole post?: Yeh
  3. Limit Evolution

    Other Metagames The Rise Of the Tenebrous Underdogs. NDAG Ladder Peak with HO.

    I’ll assume the team that you made is quite strong, obviously because you managed to get 2061 Elo, which has probably been the highest anyone has gotten for some time. I think Skarmory can be quite annoying for you with a combination of Stealth Rocks and Whirlwind because your Behemoth and Ziz...
  4. Limit Evolution

    Other Tiers RBY Anything Goes Hub

    Alright, assuming these rules I suppose I have to redo my theorymons from scratch. The major difference from Ubers to Anything Goes is the removal of the species clause. This allows for six Mewtwo. This means that any Pokémon that had niches in Ubers are pretty much garbage in Anything Goes...
  5. Limit Evolution

    Other Tiers RBY Anything Goes Hub

    You say “Anything Goes except pre-status and tradebacks” but I see you saying “Anything Goes with pre-status and tradebacks” Like I said in my earlier comment, we should agree to disagree. Pre-status/damage and tradebacks do contradict Stadium and probably what would be allowed in official...
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    Other Tiers RBY Anything Goes Hub

    So I checked Bulbapedia and Nintendo Cup happened in 1997 while Pokémon Stadium came out in 1998, though there is a Nintendo Cup game mode within Pokémon Stadium leading me to confuse the two. I didn’t know Nintendo Cup didn’t allow for pre-status/damage, but now I do and it strengthens my idea...
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    Other Tiers RBY Anything Goes Hub

    Personally, I don’t like the idea of pre-status and tradebacks in Anything Goes. The reason is because Anything Goes allows for anything legal in the game, excluding glitches and I feel that pre-status and tradebacks could be classified as an exploit at the very least. I believe that if you...
  8. Limit Evolution

    Gen 2 A Case For A GSC Anything Goes Ladder

    This could be a bit late, but I like the idea of a GSC Anything Goes tier. I think that this metagame could have a lot of unique mechanics. I’m not an expert on GSC, but I’ll just say what I heard. Apparently, the metagame is dominated by Snorlax and stall. Well, in an Anything Goes setting...