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  1. Awake and Dreaming.. - [Gen V DW OU Team]

    A nasty-plot ape could really rip your team... the rachi won't be doing anything to it (unless trick) and vacuum wave wrecks cloyster. So if shandera is down and rachi has already tricked you're a bit fucked. (But I rarely see nasty plot ape but still..... its an example of how a fire type +...
  2. Ambi and his gang of thugs

    The purpose of this team was mainly for lolz I never really used it other than just pissing people off, but its works pretty well Modest 252 spa 252 speed 4 hp -Fire Blast -SR -Nasty Plot -Vacuum Wave Pretty basic. SR up. If opponent takes me to sash, use blaze and own. If not, plot up...
  3. My stall team... with Flareon?

    Maybe fire fang instead of lava plume? 130 base attack is nice on flareon :edit: You're just gonna get rocked by SR. once your spinner is dead, everything else is pretty weak
  4. Mixing Things Up (OU RMT)

    Not a big fan.... I've never liked biss-skarm, and when combined with a hax0r ('rachi) another amazing wall (Rotom) it saddens me. I mean its a decent team, but not very original. I love bulky gyra, but your team is lacking a a punch. Flygon revenge kills, but can't harm much unless locked...
  5. Danmire's OU RMT

    I don't really see the need for a spin blocker. I barely see them in OU anymore, but half of the time when I do, they are packing assurance. Also a bolt-beamer really tears through your team
  6. The Leviathan attacks! An OU RMT

    Is it just me or do I see a huge EQ weakness. 3/6 of your pokes are weak 2/6 are immune 1/6 can't take phys attacks for shit Also weak to fighting types. but thats just me
  7. "OpeRATION Time Out"

    My connection is fine. My internet is sexy as ever. Are the servers working for you guys? Also I downloaded pokemon online as well; it doesn't work (used crossover since mac etc) Tried going advanced; not working. I'm going to try on another computer. Are the other servers working for y'all?
  8. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    Xatu never gets any love. Can you do him?
  9. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    Somehow that looks more like a vagina than the original AKA well done I wanna get into spriting; any guides for it?
  10. "OpeRATION Time Out"

    :( Every single server gives me same info. WAT DO
  11. Shoddy Battle on Mac *GLITCH*

    Shoddy Still ain't working :(
  12. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3) Thats my thread. Need help with it
  13. Troubles Running Shoddy Battle? READ Before Asking This thread. I have a mac, and have been following all da instructions
  14. Shoddy Battle on Mac *GLITCH*

    Seriously someone help, instead of pming me topic that don't help at all
  15. Shoddy Battle on Mac *GLITCH*

    Here are some pics of my setup after reading your advice. It didn't help at all. It just froze after I clicked connect
  16. Shoddy Battle on Mac *GLITCH*

    Please don't just give me a topic. I tried them, it didn;t work Those are the preferences on my computer. Shoddy Glitches on my computer, as shown in pic #1 When I play on other macs it downloads more than 1.3kb, it downloads like 3+ Any tips?