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  1. I am SO sorry for what happened earlier. My fucking internet went out and has been gay all day...

    I am SO sorry for what happened earlier. My fucking internet went out and has been gay all day. If you want we can do another match and I will flee or whatever, but don't blacklist me. I hope you understand! Cox Wireless sucks.
  2. Nope, your signature said no stall teams.

    Nope, your signature said no stall teams.
  3. Alright :(

    Alright :(
  4. Pokémon Lab - the successor to Shoddy Battle

    You guys officially won me over from Pokemon Online with this, great work! Also, could you guys maybe give us a ballpark of when the Gen V will be implemented? I wake up with wet pillows from crying myself to sleep.
  5. Weezing

    Weezing's such a troll now.
  6. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Excuse me if I'm asking a silly question, but when do you think Smogon will have a tierlist/strategydex for Gen V? I know Shoddy Gen V is underway (and lord am I excited) but I think it's a little silly to leave all the people who got the Moonrune versions pre-ordered from the Moon hanging. And...
  7. Boiling Water and Bulky Waters All the 5th gen sprites to update your OP. You need winRAR. Delete this post when you're done, if you want.
  8. Next Generation of Shoddy Battle?

    Well, we all know Generation V is officially out and about, and we have a full Ishu Pokedex, with 99% of all learnsets out and such. We know all the new moves for the old Pokemon, as well as all the fun new dreamworld abililities. We have a full item list and everything. Though we do not have...
  9. Pfft.. you suck.

    Pfft.. you suck.
  10. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 9 - Art Poll 4

    I vote for Kukem because Doug's is cool and all, but in no way matches the stats or the ability or anything.
  11. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Buffalo_Wings DougJustDoug SEO
  12. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Art Submissions

    Been lurking for a few days, and Buffalo_Wings has my favorite design by far. It has like, a dark Xiaolin look to it. Which epitomizes dark/fighting, imo. And it doesn't look too tough to sprite.
  13. The Dragons be leaving (OU RMT)

    I LOVE YOU WILE. <3 But I think a straight offensive Machamp would be better than a restalk one. For situatrional purposes.
  14. Team Lightning Disaster [OU RMT]

    I tried the team on shoddy for a bit, and it's pretty solid. I did notice that if Latias got suprise KO'd early, or you needed to sacrifice it early, Starmie can do serious damage to the team. Maybe Grass Knot on the ape? Idk, just kinda Starmie weak =P