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  1. Flamestrike

    Phantom/Shadow Force

    Yes (12 EN) Yes (11 EN) No (10 EN) No Vanishes on 0, attacks on -1 (change) 12 13 14 15 11 10 (no change)
  2. Flamestrike

    UC Rewards Leveling

    Change UC Formula to one based mostly on the length of battle Keep the current UC Formula and add some kind of bonus and/or penalty I don't like the UC formula but neither of those options appeal to me. So let's return to the drawing board.
  3. Flamestrike

    Leftovers and Defensive Items

    No, take some other effect instead Yes, and only that Yes, with additional effects Don't really like any of the additional effects (I've soured on the "no sluggish" idea since I first supported it), so I think the best bet is some sort of damage reduction, either rank boosts or flat damage...
  4. Flamestrike

    [Fire] Leader Frosty vs Flamestrike

    Thanks, you are a gentleman and a scholar :) "Hmm... Galestrike, you've done great so far, but I think for now you've done enough. Paleostrike, take his place!" Tomohawk -> OUT Stratagem -> IN Counterswitch?
  5. Flamestrike

    Deathstrike (Deadfox vs Flamestroke)

    Yeah I'm trying to not drop off the earth again, people tend to not like it when I do that :P Aqua Jet x3 GG deadfox!
  6. Flamestrike

    Best of the Best Semi-Finals! Engineer Pikachu vs. Birkal! (reffed by Flamestrike)

    I'm alive! Should be able to ref this once every day or two so hopefully we can wrap it up soonish. Togekiss (Tamama) (M) @ Expert Belt HP: 1 Atk: Rank 1 (-) Def: Rank 4 (+) SpA: Rank 5 SpD: Rank 4 Spe: 80 (160 w/ Tailwind) Energy: 46 Abilities: Hustle (OFF), Serene Grace, Super Luck PRZ (15%)...
  7. Flamestrike

    [Fire] Leader Frosty vs Flamestrike

    I know I'm encroaching on DQ a bit here but I feel like absolute shit right now and need to actually think about what I'm going to do so if I could get an extra day to rest and recover before switching/ordering I'd greatly appreciate it. If not then feel free to DQ me; heavens know I deserve to...
  8. Flamestrike

    [WIN] Eye of the Storm (Normal) - Texas Cloverleaf and Pwnemon

    I am so so sorry about the delay on this, real life was a bitch. Will get this started and hopefully finished tomorrow, just trying to let people know that I am not in fact dead.
  9. Flamestrike

    Best of the Best Semi-Finals! Engineer Pikachu vs. Birkal! (reffed by Flamestrike)

    If you guys are okay with waiting till tomorrow for me to ref then that's when I'll try to get this done, otherwise I'd advise asking for a subref because real life kinda kicked me in the ass the past few days.
  10. Flamestrike

    3v3 Doubles; Flamestrike versus Dogfish44

    The fact that I haven't gotten DQed in anything is somewhat incredible ._. Charizard @ Charizardite X
  11. Flamestrike

    Battle Subway Challenge: Flamestrike

    Of course this would get accepted and posted at the worst possible time. At least I didn't get DQed? Rock Blast x3
  12. Flamestrike

    Sharing Is Caring (Kinda) Round 2 - Maxim versus Flamestrike

    Feeling way too crappy for flavour ATM but going with Pyroak @ Expert Belt
  13. Flamestrike

    Deathstrike (Deadfox vs Flamestroke)

    Am I still allowed to squeeze in orders since cbrevan hasn't actually posted yet? If so: Aqua Tail -> Waterfall -> Aqua Tail If not I'm really sorry deadfox, had a few days of super business and then came down with something, just a really bad whirlwind of awful luck :(
  14. Flamestrike

    SiC(K) Round 2! zarator vs. tavok! (reffed by Flamestrike)

    Frosty feel free to subref me, real life is kinda a bitch right now so I need to trim down on responsibilities a tad FROSTYEdit: Gale will subref.
  15. Flamestrike

    I'm alive, though I won't be able to post until late tonight/tomorrow. Feeling like absolute...

    I'm alive, though I won't be able to post until late tonight/tomorrow. Feeling like absolute shit, just jumping on to tell people that I'm alive since I was gone for however long I was gone.
  16. Flamestrike

    NFL weekly picks or something

    No fun allowed? What is this, the No Fun League-oh, right. Well, anyway, joined.
  17. Flamestrike

    SiC(K) Round 2! zarator vs. tavok! (reffed by Flamestrike)

    Probably going to get this reffed tomorrow or Saturday, but keep in mind that DQ warning actually has a very real purpose in this tournament; the first time someone crosses DQ they get a DQ warning, and the next time they do it they are DQed. Tagging your opponent to remind them about the match...
  18. Flamestrike

    Phantom Force

    For what it's worth I agree that I'd like to see Shadow Force voted on if only to make it consistent. Inconsistency bugs me, even if it's on a move that may not see play in ASB anytime soon ^_^
  19. Flamestrike

    [DQ] Wildfire Plateau (Hard) - Flamestrike and Its_A_Random

    "It's been a long time since we've been here, but it looks like the danger is worse than ever. Time to clear this place out once and for all!" Shellstrike: Rock Slide -> Stone Edge (Larvesta) Mindstrike: Safeguard (Grandstone, Predator, Boulderstrike) -> Stone Edge (Larvesta) Boulderstrike...
  20. Flamestrike

    Encore and Charge-Up Moves

    B) Focus Punch should be the exception, with its first stage not being considered a completed action as far as encore goes