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  1. Smurf.

    Tournaments ADVPL III - Player Signups [Auction: April 8th @ 2pm -4]

    Username: Smurf Timezone: +11 Tiers played: SUB - ADV OU team tester Forseen inactivity: na
  2. Smurf.

    Finals Smogon Premier League XIV - Finals [Won by Team Raiders]

    _______/\_____________\o/________ ____________/\________\o/________ ________________/\____\o/________ ___________________/\_\o/________ _______________________/\________ _________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________
  3. Smurf.

    OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

    you're welcome
  4. Smurf.

    Gen 3 New Wave [Peaked #1]

    Update: Peak #1 version Moved Suicune to lead with Sub CM set for more reliable Bliss Trapping, autowins some games off the bat, more favourable vs Ttar. Changed HP Ice -> Grass on Zapdos to hit omnipresent Pert, tox protect stalls flygon anyway More speed and Lefties on Kingdra...
  5. Smurf.

    OU ADV OU Viability Ranking

    the only losers in that game are the fans
  6. Smurf.

    SPL XIV BW Predictions

    [WOL] GaryTheGengar vs watashi [SHA] [BIG] Monai vs Jisoo [RAI] [RUI] dice vs Dark Eeveon [TYR] [CRY] soulgazer vs sensei axew [SCO] [CLA] Garay oak vs crucify [TIG]
  7. Smurf.

    Resource BW Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Breloom @ Life Orb Ability: Technician Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Swords Dance - Bullet Seed - Mach Punch - Low Sweep Garchomp @ Yache Berry Ability: Rough Skin Shiny: Yes EVs: 64 HP / 192 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Stealth Rock -...
  8. Smurf.

    SPL XIV BW Predictions

    [SCO] Sensei Axew vs Dice [RUI] [TIG] Crucify vs Monai [BIG] [TYR] Dark Eeveon vs GaryTheGengar [WOL] [SHA] Gondra vs Garay Oak [CLA] [RAI] Jisoo vs Soulgazer [CRY]
  9. Smurf.

    Evasion Clause - It's time to fully bake this half baked implementation.

    Lmao at this whole thread - just ban ninjask. playerbase cant really complain when you made a rod for your own back with half assed, overly complex bans previously
  10. Smurf.

    Smogon Premier League XIV - Week 1

    how you gonna lose on day 1 lmao stinking it up. Tree Man 67 Dice BKC
  11. Smurf.

    OU SPL XIV BW Discussion Thread

    make abomasnow great again dice
  12. Smurf.

    OU Set Dump, Team Dump, (and previously General Metagame Discussion)

    On a number of occasions I was within one last-turn megahorn and/or rock slide of claiming #1 on the ladder - but alas, such is life when you aren't using skarmblisspert toxic protecting every other turn. Can't really be bothered making another run, so thought I'd share this because its a...
  13. Smurf.

    OU Set Dump, Team Dump, (and previously General Metagame Discussion)

    This combo is legit - good stuff ABR. Been experimenting with this on a nifty mag-less salac hera squad and been popping off. I prefer more Attacking investment on both though to always secure the kill on lead gross (since I dont want to play around with lum shenanigans). Haven't found lack of...
  14. Smurf.

    Gen 3 New Wave [Peaked #1]

    apparently drain the cock johnson and his broken ass BP team
  15. Smurf.

    Baton Pass Suspect Finale?

    Its an absolute indictment on the council that BP is still an issue - just ban more than one baton pass user per team (to preserve single boost passing / dry passing. like how hard can it be really? Alternatively, just complex ban ninjask + mr mime / hypno (to preserve celebi + zapper bp teams)
  16. Smurf.

    Tournaments SPL XIII ADV Discussion Thread

    mr mime pass is so fucking stupid there is zero counterplay gorgie
  17. Smurf.

    Smogon Premier League XIII - Semifinals

    as the only person who predicted correctly earlier this week - i believe in you robjr