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    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    I would like to see if players (eventually) get good at predicting tera types based on their opponents' team comp, or if that is even possible to do reliably, before outright banning the mechanic. Pre-team-preview-gen chads we need your expertise
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     Limited Palette Challenge V2

    pick mon and two colors for me please would also love to see a a version of this with a few preselected palettes, there are a lot of interesting 4-color palettes and such out there
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    Hobbies book6 - suggestions pls

    Who fears death by Nnedi Okorafor (back cover summary) Left hand of darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin (goodreads description)
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    sleepy's arts

    I love how your lineart flows and how the colors transition over the different regions in each piece!!! Everything fits so well together
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    Kaiju Bunny's Art Den

    I really like the more extreme shading style on P5 Chopper, esp how you were able to hint at his fur texture! Sometimes a subtle depiction is all you need and it works well here, clean but with all the necessary details.
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    the blue lagoon (_ _).。o○

    I really like the wings on the bats, esp Golbat!! I can see that subtle depth of the bones under the wing membrane. I also like the posing with the Marowak, you can tell he's coiled up and ready to strike. And I find the varying outline thicknesses really interesting stylistically, for example I...
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    big fan of the october piece, especially the depth effect in the water, with the leaves resting on the water layered on top of the reflections
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    Post your searing hot takes

    they need lettuce and tomato otherwise how else could they be a balanced meal
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    Ninjas are NOT cool. Pirates are way cooler.

    this is not true, as long as a series has one or more of ninjas, pirates, monkeys, or hobos, it is of high quality
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    I'm a chuckster!

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    The Well #66 - Earthworm

    have you used julia at all?
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    Retrocomputing (Commodore, Sinclair, Apple II, etc)

    I can't join in your excitement of retrocomputing sadly (yet), but I could see myself developing an interest through the tangentially related keyboard side of things. Some of the switch technology in "vintage" keyboards seems really cool. For example, as someone who spends a fair bit of time in...
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    Your Spotify Wrapped 2020

    I listened to folklore (in order) for a month straight, otherwise qveen herby would have been #1
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    #59 - total clefairy

    favorite folk song with bagpipes? in my limited knowledge, I like highland cathedral
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    ITT: Pretend it's 2006 Internet

    ǝɯɐƃ ǝɥʇ ʇsol ʇsnɾ noʎ