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  1. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 4 - Defining Moves Part 1

    I think ur overestimating the power of Eerie Spell. The effect is good in theory, in practice you are less likely to use this in a meaningful way that swings matchups when not slowly trading blows with an opponent. Correct me if Im wrong but Im under the impression that it never works when a...
  2. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 4 - Defining Moves Part 1

    Fun/challenge aside, we have seen that defense-dropping attacks dont conflict with interest with Astro, who is also a pivot that uses drops. If anything it has more pivot-friendly qualities as the next mon you switch in can also abuse the drops. Lumina Crash into something like Parting Shot and...
  3. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP A really quick change but I think a big upgrade- turning my fire sprite into a creature instead of an objectmon. Its still based on a lantern, but now shaped like a sprite (nature fairy) itself. The antenna now create the lanterns handle. I drew it in paint but Ill do something nicer later!
  4. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 4 - Defining Moves Part 1

    Some thoughts: I just don't think Armor Cannon or Eruption are defining moves. I cannot imagine a world where a Bang Average mon needs to worry about Eruption damage to the point where it takes control over stats or ability- its also such a volatile move that almost goes against the concept of...
  5. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP Here is the first drawing of mine, its based on a lamp/lantern attracting fireflies! I thought of the fireflies as little fire sprites that manifest at night-time. The fire sprites are controlled by the hypnotising pull of the light, and create a link between them that turns them into...
  6. Pipotchi

    CAP32 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    How would you make a good revenge killer without standout speed and stab prio, and on a mon that discourages scarf? I dunno, it seems like one of the weaker routes although anything is possible. Im guessing this is something that cant be discussed without polljumping that you have in your mind...
  7. Pipotchi

    CAP32 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    What kinds of roles can Fire/Fairy reasonably fill? What kinds of roles does Fire/Fairy naturally lend itself to? What kinds of roles would be best for Fire/Fairy? Fire/Fairy is a typing that relies on its mixture of decent offensive and potential defensive quality. Offensively Fire/Fairy is...
  8. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Ice / Ground Water / Flying Fire / Psychic Fire / Fairy Grass / Steel theyre all pretty well-argued so it just came down to preference
  9. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    Ill submit/support Water/Flying here. When I think of typings that pair well with average or below average stats, Im looking for things that provide some key immunities for free switchins rather than a slew of resists paired with mediocre stats- I know that I dont want to switch in something...
  10. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Speed Demon Schrodinger's CAP Snowballer Trap Card Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal Mini-Uber Atypical Type Usage Bang Average
  11. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    Name: Speed Demon Description: This Pokemon excels at moving first on any given turn, and uses this to great benefit. Justification: This project will explore the unique realm of mons that move first, whether for offensive, defensive or utility-based reasoning, and how these benefits warp the...
  12. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Section Leader Poll

    Pipotchi Da Pizza Man velvet Scizivire gl gl
  13. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Topic Leader Poll

  14. Pipotchi

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - TL and TLT Applications

    Hello, I am applying for TLT particularly for the early stages of Typing and Ability. Ive been around in CAP for about 6 years now, and through that time Ive been involved in nearly everything there is to do on the competitive, flavor and community side except for avoiding basically all...
  15. Pipotchi

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Aurumoth

    No New Competitive Move
  16. Pipotchi

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Snaelstrom

    No New Competitive Move
  17. Pipotchi

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Caribolt

    No New Competitive Move
  18. Pipotchi

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Malaconda

    Leech Seed
  19. Pipotchi

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Smokomodo

    Flame Charge
  20. Pipotchi

    Generation 9 CAP Updates Hub

    I guess I'll throw it in for no new move for Caribolt - but shouldnt all of these offer no competitive move? Personally I would vote that for Snael because Iron Defense + Body Press is a brand new boosting set that basically flips the mon's identity in a quickfire poll, CM is super volatile as...