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  1. DdogTheKing

    The Unconventional Dancer [SV OU]

    Hello everyone, I'm a returning player coming back into the competitive scene after not trying for 2 gens. I personally felt interested with the new SV mons, and what they have to offer. I also really want to help in creating some new sets while the metagame is fresh and new. If anyone would be...
  2. DdogTheKing

    The LC Open VII - Signups

  3. DdogTheKing

    The RU Open VII - Round 1

  4. DdogTheKing

    Other Metagames RU Alpha: Gardevoir & Friends!

    Totally original title, right? Anyway, hi. I wanted to post my team for some assistance in the new RU alpha tier. I don't know if it's a bit soon? Since the tier did start a few days ago and things are kinda a mess down there lol. But, I wanted to take a shot at the tier anyway. I've been...
  5. DdogTheKing

    Fletchinder & Friends!

    So, I am posting my first RMT here. And I am wondering what to do to make this team better. I've been out of the "smogon" meta for quite some time and I've been just casually playing but I wanna get back into playing competitive cause I miss playing that way haha. Fletchinder Ability...