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  1. JJayyFeather

    Completed Knife Fight for children: Sirin vs P2X7

    Turtlek .... huh? There's nothing to disagree with here, the item states very clearly that it completely ignores all abilities and other items when attacking or being attacked. P2's post is entirely accurate, rectify this accordingly. Also if you are going to disagree with a rulings...
  2. JJayyFeather

    Gen 9 Profile Update Thread

    Surprise! I'm back. :ss/deoxys: :ss/deoxys-defense: :ss/deoxys-attack: :ss/deoxys-speed: Deoxys [-] STAGE: *** NATURE: Serious TYPE: Psychic ABILITIES: Pressure STATS (N | D | A | S) HP: 80 Atk: 11 | 5 | 13 | 7 Def: 4 | 11 | 2 | 7 SpA: 11 | 5 | 13 | 7 SpD: 4 | 11 | 2 | 7 Spe: 150 | 90 | 150 |...
  3. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R3] TMan87 vs. P2X7

    Hey, coming in with an official ruling. As per Red Card's text from the Data Audit, "use the trigger syntax or anything similar," I'm willing to allow trigger condition modification on the condition that, just like regular substitutions, it further restricts the condition of the substitution...
  4. JJayyFeather

    Profile: PeachJuice

    PeachJuice Approved Welcome to BBP! You've already found your way to our discord, so feel free to hang out there with the peeps and ask any questions you may have as well. As for looking for a lil tussle, the Battle Tower might be of use to you (or just wrangling in someone on Discord) See you...
  5. JJayyFeather

    Discussion TLG Feedback Thread

    As a bit of a design point, as well as match flow point, taking second order R1 is contrasted with not being the one that selects the arena. That'd also have to be mirrored in this change. Meaning that, if you opt for 2nd order R1, you do also give over the arena selection cycle to the opponent.
  6. JJayyFeather

    Resource Game Issues and Feedback Thread

    wait this means im gonna have to start explaining the thoughts that i have privately and inevitably rid myself of? ight bet As for where I think it should go, this thread is probably the most apt place for it. No need to create additional threads, this is the Feedback thread after all. No one...
  7. JJayyFeather

    The Grand Tournament: Sinnoh Mythos - Round 2

    Just keeping everyone up to date here - I've extended the end date of this round to July 1st, to accommodate two matches that started horrendously late. Sorry for the inconvenience
  8. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] P2X7 vs HydrogenHydreigon

    Extending this battle's timer by 15 days. (New stop time: July 1)
  9. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] TMan87 vs S0L1D G0LD

    Extending this battle's timer by 15 days. (New stop time: July 1)
  10. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] JJayyFeather vs Doduodrio

    whoops, shouldn't be going over DQ on rounds like these :ss/deoxys-defense: Psychic | Recover | Psychic
  11. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] JJayyFeather vs Doduodrio

    Switching :ss/deoxys-defense:
  12. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] JJayyFeather vs Doduodrio

    I almost feel bad for this one. Almost. :ss/victini: Solar Beam | Grass Knot | Solar Beam
  13. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] JJayyFeather vs Doduodrio

    someone remind me after this match to remove Forme Shift (Command) from the game :ss/deoxys-attack: Teleport | Forme Shift (Defense) | Spikes
  14. JJayyFeather

    Tournament [GT1 R2] JJayyFeather vs Doduodrio

  15. JJayyFeather

    The Grand Tournament: Sinnoh Mythos - Round 2

    The Grand Tournament: Sinnoh Mythos :ss/heatran: :ss/manaphy: :ss/shaymin-sky: Welcome to Round 2! Just a quick little reminder/overview of the format and arena for this round before we get right into matchups. Oh, and I'll include a snapshot of people's placements as well. Match Format B4P3...
  16. JJayyFeather

    Tournament The Grand Tournament: Sinnoh Mythos [R3 SIGNUPS OPEN]

    Alright finally doing my job. Sorry about the delay, this abhorrent monstrosity called Lost Ark and also a ramping work schedule have both really taken my life by storm. Round 2's Arena: :ss/azelf: Lake Valor is the resting place of Azelf, the Willpower Pokemon. Unfortunately for the battlers...
  17. JJayyFeather

    Resource Implementation Thread

    Finally cleaned up that the PHB has had the wrong activation timing placement for Flame Orb and Toxic Orb. Of note, it is now ahead of burn/poison-related effects. This is an intentional deviation from in-game, do with this as you will. Effective in all future matches. For current matches...
  18. JJayyFeather

    Economy Rebalance Discussion

    Alright now for a full reply. I left myself some notes to make sure I touched on as I've compiled thoughts from the past 2 weeks, let's speedrun them Going in order of easiest to hardest to explain well, 1) Small adjustments to non-Battle Tower: - Battle Tree will cost 10 JC to enter. This is...