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  • Sorry, I'm a little busy with stuff. :/

    I saw your last post, I just forgot to respond xP
    Sure. I'm wasn't very good at using that variant effectively last gen but it would be nice to have the option.
    Haha. You're welcome. It isn't the standard spread but it has served me very well ever since mid gen 4. I wish i could say I'd come up with it. :p
    Copied from an old Smogon thread: The 24 Def EVs ensures that Scizor's Bullet Punch is always a 3HKO and Jirachi's Iron Head a 4HKO. Ideally, you will not want to be facing Scizor when it used Pursuit, as that means your probably lost a Pokemon! However, Scizor's Pursuit is still a 2HKO on the Substitute which allows you to Substitute and Charge repeatedly. The heavy investment in Special Defense may seem excessive, but allows you to carry out the same procedure against a Choice Scarf Heatran locked into Dragon Pulse, as it will never OHKO your Substitutes. The Speed is necessary to outspeed Skarmory and kill it before it has a chance to do anything. Do not try to set up on Skarmory, as Charge Beam will fail to OHKO the Steel bird and Magnezone will be met with a swift Whirlwind or an extra layer of Spikes. The remaining EVs were placed into Special Attack to pack a bit more punch.
    Thanks for being patient while I worked out what was wrong. Don't hesitate to ask for anything I have that you need in the future. :)
    Sorry, that took a lot longer than I had expected. If you can still trade, I'm available now.
    I just got an IV check code so that I could make sure that I had everything correct on all of my pokemon. It turns out, I had a couple other errors I didn't know about. One of which makes Poliwag's HP Grass 68 rather than 70. I'm sorry AGAIN. I will be re-breeding him the first chance I get (probably Monday) and EVing him myself. I'll VM you when I have him ready and I'll send you a copy. This sucks but I'm glad you made me think to double check everything. Just wanted to let you know as soon as I could.
    Yeah. I had mis-clicked. Thanks for everything. I triple checked that Litwick so he should be good to go this time. Thanks for being so easy to work with! :)
    Is there something else you needed? I sent the Mienfoo and your Politoed back but tell me if I'm forgetting something.

    EDIT: Haha! No problem. ;)
    I left and came back and still can't see you. I'll leave and come in again one more time. You can too if you think it might help.
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