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  • Coming on now, was on when I last posted but got bored and left, wait so uh whats the name your on? and no thats probably not me.

    EDIT: TAD36_away?
    A tad bit late to respond sorry :( was really busy today, I am polop, rolls, scrolls, and troll on IRC (I almost never use
    You know I comprehend GMT more easily then new york, eastern coast stuff right? lol. I'm not sure if I can be on today :(, so if I am not on sorry.

    On a random side note you on IRC? I have access to that all day, PO is a different story though.
    Idk what your talking about... I was on last weekend but I didn't see you :(. What's your gmt? I'm normally on during the night.

    Also on a side note have you ever used Choice Banded Rayquaza?
    ok mr lol I will be on PBC periodically this weekend. be on you indian hottie
    Well PO and smogon aren't allowing me to connect to them for some odd reason (Smogon doesn't even show up when I try connecting to it, and PO's just been banning access :() so I've been abusing other, near non-existent servers with IRC. PBC, brazil and mexico are fine though lols. YOUR BACK THOUGH YES! WHERE WERE YOU!

    Well anyway, where'd ya dissapear off to in the middle of the day :(. I was getting the Skymin team out (that really hasnt been working since it doesn't hax for me).
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