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  • Yeah that would work, great.
    I don't prefer a server but grotto should be easier to find opponents.
    Okay your night is my morning and I'm usually up early so if you're on around 8pm your time we should get it done. As I asked below which server?
    Hey, we have to play for the DPP UU tour, I'm GMT+12 and can only play on weekends pretty much all day. Let me know about your preferred times, thanks.
    Hi, can you play any time this week? I am free between 12 and 2 pm my time tomorrow, and again after 3:15 PM. On Tuesday I am free after 1 PM my time, and on Wednesday I am free after 3:15 PM again.
    I will have a little spare time later today, in maybe 2 or 3 hours? I will be busy after 5 pm my time. I will not be available tomorrow either =/
    Hi, we are opponents for the first round of the VGC tournament. When works well for you? I could play tomorrow, but after that I will be busy and going on vacation from Saturday until Thursday morning. At that point, I should be able to play at any reasonable hour except for a 5-6 hour period on the 31st where I will be riding a bus back to school. What time zone are you in? I am in CDT (GMT -5).
    Hmm well I'm not doing anything in the later half of today so I'll be sure to check here every half hour or so, so just vm me sometime today when you're free. Ohterwise we'll try scheduling something again :]
    Great, and don't worry I'm on holidays then, so I'll be able to either stay up really late or get up early in the morning to battle.
    Hey me got matched up for the FUK FERRO tournament, I'm GMT +11 and should be free to battle from the 25th onward, but feel free to contact me if you see me on irc or showdown at a random time before then :]
    sorry for not being there, but I will be active these next couple of days at that same time.
    I'm on GMT+11 and am available from 4-9pm my time. Let me know if this overlaps with your available time and we can schedule a battle
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