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  • Yo, I'm GMT -5, and I can play whenever, so just send me a pm/vm and I can probably play whenever.
    Awesome stuff that you suggested. I really appreciate your help. I should have your suggestions completely implemented later today. Thanks for your input! Btw, I really enjoy reading your analyses, great work!
    hey, for the GSC tier change thread you might want to pm some of the guys from the old generation pros list to comment. Earthworm, Crystal, DracoMalfoy etc. would all be good choices.
    Hi, I am your opponent for SPL this week. When are you available to play? I am available during the evening (after 6 PM) throughout the week, and any time on the weekend. The only exception is that I will be busy tomorrow (Tuesday) night until about 9 PM. I live in CST (gmt -6).
    Jorgen man welcome to the bigs. Its cool, whenever you have time come on irc. Obviously family and the holidays come first but please join us if you can.
    yo you were drafted for the bigs! get on synirc on our channel #bigs cuz I gotta talk to you
    yo want to battle tomorrow at 1 PM(GMT -4) it use to be GMT -5 but its summer?
    Ok, just look for me on IRC / French Time whenever you have a window. I'll stay online as much as possible !
    Hey, when do you wanna play RBY ? I'm back from my quick holidays, and I'm GMT +2. You can easily find me on both French Time server (PO) and IRC (#dreamworld).

    Have a nice day.
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