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  • Hi !
    I read your excellent thread "Characteristics of a Desirable Pokemon Metagame". How about to submit it in the brand new "The Player" webzine ?
    Bolde Swoup
    Whats up i am new i read the guide and i want to create a pokemon
    P.s. are there any single girls on here
    hey Doug i was just reading an old policy review and I was curious if there was ever any further discussion of "cross marketing" CAPs because i was actually thinking about that earlier today and i just so happened to open that thread.
    Hi doug, i have just joined smogon, but i am a very frequent showdown user, and i was wondering i have a group of friends who play with me, and we are all from different countries, and we want to make a battle showdown chatroom dedicated to countries, and places in the world. I dont know if i am asking the right person, but this id my best shot, please comsider my request,

    what are the great enthusiasms??
    To spend yourself in a worthy cause, and at the best, know the triumph of high achievement, and at the worst, if you fail, at least you fail while daring greatly, so that your place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.
    I've just been enlightened. I think it said something like that at the end of no easy day
    hi doug, this is kinda random but on the stafflist bummer was right above you, so for a brief moment I thought you had changed your ct to "is an uttermost cowboy" and had a lil chuckle, but then I doubled back because you've known the great enthusiasms since I've been here, so there was no way it had changed

    ps hope life's still swell!
    Hey, I was messing around with pokemon move sets and data analysis today, and I found this thread: where you mentioned that the Smogon move sets were all avaliable in JSON format. Now this was back in 2010 so clearly it is at least slightly outdated, but do those JSON files still exist? And if so where can I find them?
    Hey, could you inbox PM me or post on my wall on who a good leader would be for the CAP contest that I could talk to and maybe discuss a concept with prior to the CAP event that will soon be held here? I would very much appreciate it > < and thanks for helping me in the earlier thread with links.
    I'm from a Pokemon RP called Linago do you mind if we use the CAP projects Voodoom pokemon?
    Hi DougJustDoug. Sorry to bother you. I was wondering when the next CAP would arise and when I could then submit art or try to contribute. Thanks. Respond whenever. Thank you. :)
    Hey, I was wondering about how to go about a CAP's movepool. Level-up and tutor are simple enough, but the egg groups confuse me and I haven't found a site that easily gives me information about the obtainable egg moves. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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