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  • Hey, that's cool. Thanks for making the site, it was wonderfully helpful to those who used it, it's just a shame the project sort of died. I've no idea what Wichu plans to do with the project (in fact, it's in the cryonics section of the site) so I guess he'll be the one to contact you if anything. Thanks again!
    I don't have anything running ios so I haven't used your app myself, but I do have a suggestion for you if you haven't done it already. When I used to ev stuff, I had the hardest time remembering if I counted the last battle or not. If you were to add a time stamp or something like that, I would think that'd be helpful in keeping track.
    Just passing by to thank you for the nifty iPod app! I downloaded it on my sister's iPod and it works great, really useful. Good job!
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