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  • Hey :),
    do you still have that awesome Piplup? Do you RNG by now? I dont and that means I can only offer you almost perfect PKMN. Just check my trade thread out, but dont post in it, just VM me, if you see anything you like.
    I saw that beauty of a Lilipup you bred there - Is there anything you would trade for it? I've got more stuff now...
    Sorry I got away 5 minutes before you wrote here. I hope tonight we'll catch online ;)
    I have your Terrakion you ordered and ready to be traded. Before I give it to you you have to promise not to Redis it. If you do we can trade whenever. But I would like to get it done in the next week. If we don't have it done by next Sunday, I'll have to say that you'll miss out.
    Honestly, I'm not going to do it again xP

    Plus even if I did I could just reuse my seed and do it in like 5 minutes. :)
    Yes, but I'm saying I'm not doing Shiny Pokemon. It won't be Shiny, so do you still want to be part of the Giveaway?
    Well I actually have an Adamant Terrakion in a Luxury ball already done.

    But I don't necessarily see the whole "excitement" about doing something that I've tried to do before, but I've had terrible results. Sorry just don't see why you'd think that xD
    Action Replay was used to clone. Only code used when obtaining it was IV Check. It is not a hacked wondercard.
    D: man that sucks. I prefer not to know how many I went through, so it's more enjoyable when I get the good one, instead of going through the thought process "finally hatched this, yeah! After 800 eggs..." or something like that lol
    Oh god, I used to hate deleting pokemon. I remember one time I sapphire, I was breeding for a decent modest Feebas, and I ended up with ~300 failed ones before I was finally satisfied. I think it took me almost an hour to delete all of them :/ now I just delete them straight from my party if they suck
    Ah, I thought they had fixed that by hgss. But at least you can use an everstone with either parent, plus the power items in hgss. You don't have that luxury in d/p/pt
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