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  • i have homework right now, but when is a good time to meet you on online later this week? i can try to work around your schedule
    also are any of those pokes i asked for in fourth gen, its okay if they arent just curious :heart:
    Thanks so much for that!
    Out of interest were there any others in my thread that you liked? Cos there are heaps of other pokes you have that I adore... xD I can also get 5th gen/DW BPs done for you.
    Also, you said that someday you'll make some of ur pokes redis, imagine how cool my thread would be then... lol :'D
    Cheers :3
    Thanks so much for trading, aragornbird, you have so much wonderful pokes which are really hard to find these days... I Luvdisc'ed your thread :D
    Sorry about the hastle with clone backs, I'll be in the room :3
    Hey no worries mate :D Just VM when your back :3
    Its too late to uncap their names now right? Its no big deal if you can't.
    I'll be here
    P.S. connection was great xD
    Sure! I'll head to the room :D
    But I still need that Cottonee and Drilbur clone back, sorry for the trouble, I haven't met up with my cloner yet
    Credit to Biosci, I was going to ask Strongbad, but he wanted to take to, so blah.
    Aragornbird, just a question, Diabolico asked you if he can trade trade the pokemon you traded to him, he told me to ask you since you couldn't send him a VM.
    hi mate :D how long do you think you'll be aroud for? I just need to go to lunch for like an hour. The connection is being bad...
    Forgot, thats going to be taken care of. so I guess we have a pending! :D.
    Sorry about all the connection problems mate, I have no idea why it is like this. Has never been this bad before...
    Hmm, I can ask some other people, I mainly trust Strongbad, since he is one of the first people who taught my how to RNG in 5 gen, ill see what I can do :D, what IVs btw?
    So, you want to accept? Sorry if I keep on posting, its just that I like shiny wild captures from 3rd gen.
    I realized I have 3 projects to do in my school, obviously no time for the RNG project, I could ask Strongbad, or other people, is that ok or not?
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